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I'm a Dad?!

“Just found out. I’m going to be a father. I want to be a good one. “

Many men want to be good fathers but aren’t sure where to start. Here are ten steps from the National Fatherhood Initiative to get you started:

1) Respect your children’s mother

2) Spend time with your children

3) Earn the right to be heard

4) Discipline with love

5) Be a role model

6) Be a teacher

7) Eat together as a family

8) Read to your children

9) Show affection

10) Realize that a father’s job is never done

Having an involved father changes the lives of children. It’s never too soon or too late to start. More information on fatherhood and parenting is available at our office.  Call for an appointment today.

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For more information on fatherhood check out the National Fatherhood Initiative

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